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The Table of the Word
Homilies for Sundays and Solemnities
Every preacher surely wants to preach well. And every preacher needs some good book as a help to prepare well for preaching. Here is a book of short and sweet homilies which have a modern and practical touch. In addition to being brief, they are spiced up with stories, incidents and anecdotes collected over the years as the author kept preparing and preaching his homilies.
+ Anthony Mancini, Archbishop of Halifax-Yarmouth.
Live Inspired Always
Stories and messages to motivate you
If you had just a year to live, how would you live it differently? What exactly would you do? This book contains short essays with hundreds of spiritual, inspirational and motivational stories from around the world woven with short reflections, proverbs, quotes and messages to make you think and live positively.
+ Anthony Mancini, Archbishop of Halifax-Yarmouth
Ignite your spirit
Homiletic Reflections for Seasons and Feasts (ABC)
This book offers inspiring reflections on the readings of Seasons and Feasts for all three liturgical cycles. The author has carefully interwoven stories, incidents, anecdotes and practical examples to bring alive the gospel message for each Sunday. Every priest, deacon or even lay faithful will find in these pages useful ideas and hints for the celebration of the Mass.Ignite Your Spirit is a great gift to the preachers, readers and to all who search and hope to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ."
+ Anthony Mancini, Archbishop of Halifax-Yarmouth.
Kindle Your Spirit
Homiletic Reflections for Sundays (ABC)
Kindle Your Spirit echoes the spirit and the message of Pope Francis as he calls every Christian to be a spirit-filled evangelizer formed by the Word of God. This book contains spirit-kindling reflections interwoven with stories, anecdotes, incidents, practical examples and lessons on the readings of Sundays for all three liturgical cycles.
Priests, deacons , preachers, teachers and faithful alike Your Spirit will find the reflections in this book very useful for their preparation, teaching, meditation and preaching.
Allow this book to be your companion as you plumb the Homiletic Reflectionsdepths of the Sacred Scriptures.
+Martin W. Currie, Archbishop of St John's forSundays (ABC)
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